3 Ways to Wear High Top Sneakers: Look 2

Here’s the second look on how I styled my new high top sneakers. I’m not even kidding when I say I love these shoes and have worn them almost everyday since I bought them. Soon my Instagram will be clogged with pictures of these shoes. All this week I have been forcing myself to pick out other shoes from my closet. So far so good but I may break the cycle tomorrow and wear them on my casual Thursdays. I don’t work Friday’s (perks of working at a church when all the Pastors have off), so Thursdays are my Friday. Joggers-and-High-Tops-16

Top: LOFT (similar), Pants: LOFT (similar), Vest: Target, Shoes: Target, Hat: American Eagle











Outfit Details:

Top: LOFT (similar)
Pants: LOFT (similar)
Vest: Target
Shoes: Target
Hat: American Eagle

These photos were taken at a local park by my mom. My parents have been wanting to sell their current house and it just so happens the house they want to buy is right across from the park. It was the perfect opportunity for my mom to show me the outside of the house and then convince her to take outfit photos of me afterwards. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do to make it work! Maybe one day I’ll have a fancy photographer to help me out but for now I love and appreciate my family for always helping me out! I have one more look coming next week with the high top sneakers but you may even see more.

On Saturday my boyfriend Josh and I will be racing a boat made completely out of cardboard and duck tape at this exact park. We will be decorating the boat as a pirate ship and dressing up as pirates. We are beyond excited! I have been telling everyone about the boat race and inviting them all to come and watch us. There have been a lot of questions that have came up. The first question is, “Do you have to sit in the boat?”. YES with a capital YES. We must both sit in the boat, paddle around the course and make it to the finish line without sinking. The second is, “Is it only made out of duck tape and cardboard”. Yes again.

The boat is completely sealed off with duck tape and it’s our hope it will sail us smoothly across the lake without sinking. We will be wearing life vests and swimsuits just as precaution. I have a major dis-like of swimming in this lake. I just think it’s super gross! Toss me in a river or ocean and I’m fine but lakes creep me out a bit. I’ve had to once before for a Trinity Fitness workout challenge (the face says it all) and it was the worst. I’m only slightly exaggerating but I would rather float than sink to avoid the lake at all costs. Pray our boat stays above the water or you will see photos of a sopping wet Katie and Josh haha. To everyone I’ve invited, I hope to see you all Saturday cheering us on!

I will be sure to write up a post of our boat race and how we made the boat!

Here’s the first look on how I styled these shoes!


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