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Accessories inspired by the coast handmade in Florida!

Hi! My name is Katie! Owning my own brand and designing colorful products has always been a dream of mine. During 2020 when the world was in quarantine, I took out my sewing machine and designed my first collection of coastal inspired striped scrunchies. If you told me a year ago I would start a business in 2020 during a pandemic selling scrunchies...I never would have believed it!

I use a $70 sewing machine, take product photos on my dining room table and fulfill orders on the same table all from Sunny Florida. Sewing is something I learned from my fashion teacher Ms. Kendall in high school and am forever grateful for her patience! She is the reason I am able to bring you sunny products!

I also run a Florida based fashion blog ( It's my favorite place to share classic, colorful and coastal style inspiration! I would love if you took a look!

Lots of Sunshine,

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