Nothing to Wear

Nothing to Wear

Nothing To Wear-8Nothing To Wear-5

Hello, where did my eyes go?

Nothing To Wear-9

Probably the most false fact ever ha! What can I say, all my others clothes were dirty?

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LOFT Skirt

Old Navy Top

BC Footwear Booties

Globe Longboards

Funny story time guys! Last weekend Saturday our friend threw a pumpkin carving party at a local park (thanks for planning it Heather!). Before we carved pumpkins, a bunch of us started to play a game of Ultimate Frisbee (only the cool kids play Frisbee) and well, it was Florida and hot, so of course I got really sweaty super fast. We were dripping, it wasn’t a pretty sight. I had this black headband on, pictured here. that really completed my outfit and made me look sort of boho chic/hipster (it’s always good to look hipster as much as possible, especially at a pumpkin patch, right?). When I sat down to carve my pumpkin, I decided to take off the headband and put my hair in a bun. In the meantime, I threw my headband onto another table and it ended up falling on the ground. I told myself I would remember to get it before I left and apparently I am not very good at reminding myself these types of things.

When it started to get dark out, the mosquito’s came out of hiding and completely swarmed us. We all sort of grabbed our pumpkins and bolted toward safety (our cars). In the midst of the chaos, I forgot my beloved headband. When I got home, I realized I had left it at the park and told my sister we would need to go back after church to check if it was still on the ground- our church is conveniently 5 seconds away from the park.

Fast forward to Sunday. We arrive at the park after church and I am wearing the outfit above. My sister, Michelle, has the super smart idea that we should longboard over to the picnic tables where I left my headband. My super, super smart response to her question was, “Sure, why not”. I’m not really sure why I said yes, because skirts, booties with a chunky heal and a longboard together don’t quite equal graceful. Believe me, it’s possible, but I sure wish it would have been impossible.  As we started cruisin on down to the picnic tables, I quickly realized that every single soccer parent- yes all 500 of them, were out on the fields watching their kiddies play in their Sunday soccer games.

Skirts, boots with a wedge and longboards aren’t bad until you have a crowd watching you, then it gets slightly ricky. If I fall and no one is around it’s fine, but if I fall and 500 soccer parents are starring, that’s a completely different story. The good news is, I didn’t even fall and we made it safely to the picnic tables. The bad news was that my headband was nowhere to be found. I bet one of those soccer kids is the proud new owner of a “sporty headband ” they can wear during one of their games, haha. The good news is that I conveniently brought my camera with me for my sister to take pictures of my outfit. It’s her absolute favorite thing to do in the whole entire world. She was a good sport and complied. I figured that if the soccer moms just watched me skate by in a skirt with a bulky camera on my shoulder, I might as well just pose for pictures so they can watch that to. And here we are, a lovely blog post full of pictures by my forced photographer just for your enjoyment.

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